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Saturday | 21 October 2023

10 am to 1 pm IST

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The Gulf Opportunity

Join 3 hours awareness session to understand your global growth potential

We're here to empower your global expansion vision by helping you make strategic choices

When you start your business in UAE, you are not alone. We will stand behind you as a solid rock to support you to get established. 

How to Identify Opportunities?

Doing proof of concept for your product and service is important before you think of setting company in UAE.

How to Set-up Company in UAE?

UAE is open to different kinds of business and there are many types of legal entities available.

Product Registrations & Listing

Product registration and list with retailers for better visibility and customer enhancement.

Regulatory Compliance

Understanding regulatory compliance are necessary part of any business as one wrong move can close your business in UAE.

Top 3 things you will learn in the program!

It’s time to expand internationally and tap into global opportunities for growth

Dubai: Entry to Gulf

Dubai is a gateway to the Gulf countries (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait) and other emerging markets.

Market Entry Strategies

Explore various strategies for entering global markets successfully. Learn how to assess market potential, identify opportunities, and develop effective market entry plans tailored to your business needs.

Short-cut for Guaranteed Success

Lot of businesses fails due to lack of collaboration while expanding. We will teach you to connect with the right partner and collaborate.

Who Should Attend the Workshop?

Businesses willing to Expand by Exporting to Gulf​ & other emerging markets

UAE ranks second among India's top three export destinations!

India's exports to the UAE is expected to reach USD 50 billion by 2027

1. USA

USD 90.99 Billion
2.7% of total import by USA

2. UAE

USD 60.87 Billion
6.01% of total import by UAE

3. China

USD 17.49 Billion
1.05% of total import by China

Top 25 Commodities Exported to UAE from India,
the list of total products exported is very long...

India exported 7,602 commodities to UAE with USD 40B in software and services...

Imp. Note: On successful registration to 3 hours program, we will send you 1,000+ products' export data (USD to UAE).

Program: The Gulf Opportunity

Standard Fees: ₹9999

Offer Price: ₹999 Only

India & UAE signs landmark trade pact, eyes USD 100B in annual trade!

Source Credit to Sansad TV YouTube Channel

Sanjay Banawat

Client Testimonial

about Go gulf consultancy

“Think Big, Dream Big, Believe Big and Act Big, then your dreams become true”.

GoGulf Consultancy was formed to handhold entrepreneurs and support them to grow beyond the boundaries and take their business internationally.
We provide training, guidance, visibility on reality, mentoring to make decisions, ground support, and preparing entrepreneurs to start an international business unit. Our goal is to reduce wasting time and money by many by making wrong decisions. In fact, creates a sustainable business expansion models by encouraging suitable business owners and brands to invest time and money.
We look forward to collaborating with many dreamers who dream great and want to do business internationally.


Empower entrepreneurs to become sustainable global players.


Be a supporting arm of the UAE-India Trade mission and the UAE-Indian Trade Corridor in line with the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA).

Dr. Kailash C Pinjani

International Business Expert, Angel Investor

Dr. Kailash, Chairman of GoGulf Consultancy, is a visionary leader, start-up promotor, angel investor, growth mentor, author and a business coach.

Supriyaa Salve

Logistics & Supply Chain Expert

Supriyaa, the owner of Vegat Logistics Services LLC in Dubai, started the company in 2019 to provide logistics services to businesses, managing the movement of goods.

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